Specialist brand representation in Travel Retail Sales & Marketing



The Henderson Group is focused on delivering affordable brands within the fashion and accessory segments

Swiss Eyewear Group

Well engineered sunglasses from a progressive and ambitious team. Already a major success story in Travel Retail


Just insert one of the special round balloons inside the cotton outer casing and inflate to have a very special playtime


Cutisonic provides a make up applicator and facial cleaning system all in one, without any aggressive cleansing brushes

We are an organization with established and extensive experience in the Travel Retail and Travel Retail Sales sector with a completely new approach.

We represent fewer brands to ensure they have quality airtime with the key Travel Retail buyers. As our name suggests, we are always looking for that next new product which will truly excite the world. We have an experienced team covering Sales & Marketing to provide the best possible product ranges and initiatives. Includes sales success stories into Travel Retail such as breo, Travalo and INVU.

This same market making expertise in Travel Retail sales is very much reflected in the brands we represent.